Used in a variety of garment applications, our trouser and skirt hooks replaces the need for buttons and zippers while bringing the edges of fabrics together.

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Details for ordering

Please provide below information before submit your orders:

1. Quantity: Please inquire the minimum order quantity if the order is for new design products.

2. Interior metal: Iron, Copper, or Stainless steel

3. Exterior coating:
Electroplating or Painting

4. Packaging specification: Sizes of packaging material, quantity (gross)of each bags/boxes/cartons, and labeling services.


Options: Colors & Materials

Colors: Silver, Gold, White, Black, ... etc.

Special Requests: Nickel-free plating, Acid-resistant plating, ...etc.

Exterior Painting

Option: Colors

Variety of colors.

Basic colors: Black or White


Variety services

Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.