EL75_eyelet (1)


Use in multiple applications such as swimwear, shoes, jackets, and customized colors to match your products for a high-end fashion look!



7.5mm (Flange)
4.2mm (OD)
4mm (OH)

7mm (Flange)
4.5mm (OD)
2.5mm (OH)

EL75_eyelet (2)
EL75_eyelet (4)
EL75_eyelet (6)
EL75_eyelet (5)
EL75_eyelet (3)

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Details for ordering

Please provide below information before submit your orders:

1. Quantity: Please inquire the minimum order quantity if the order is for new design products.

2. Raw Materials: Premium Grade brass, steel, stainless steel, or aluminum

3. Colors (Exterior coating):
High Quality Electroplating or Painting

4. Packaging specification: Sizes of packaging material, quantity of each bags/boxes/cartons, and labeling services.


Options: Colors & Materials

  • Customized Colors: Silver, Gold, Antique, Nickel Black, Gunmetal,... etc.
  • Special Requests: Nickel-free plating, Acid-resistant plating, …etc.
  • SGS Certificate Service

Exterior Painting

Option: Colors & Coverage Areas

  • Top layer (2nd layers): Customized any paint colors of your choices on top of 1st layer of plating.
  • Standard colors:  Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, …etc
  • Paint Coverage Areas: Full paint or only on top of the flange.


Customized, Flexible, & All In One Services

1. Basic packaging: Plastic bags, small boxes, and cartons.

2. Custom design for your own packaging. You can chose your own packaging material, methods, and sizes.

3. Labeling: Stickers, stamps, flyers, …etc.