OL257 (3)
OL257 (5)


Use in multiple applications such as grommet for garment, swimwear, shoes, jackets, bags, banner, curtain eyelets, marine boat grommet.

Customized colors to match your products for a high-end modern or retro look!


Oval Shape Eyelet & Washer

25mm (Flange)
19mm (ID)
7.2mm (OH)

25.6mm (Flange)
19.5mm (ID)

OL257 (2)
OL257 (8)
OL257 (4)
OL257 (7)
OL257 (6)
OL257 (1)
Eyelet 95 (4)
Eyelet 95 (5)
Eyelet 95 (3)
Black nickel
Eyelet 95 (6)

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Details for ordering

Please provide below information before submit your orders:

1. Quantity: Please inquire the minimum order quantity if the order is for new design products.

2. Raw Materials: Premium Grade brass, steel, stainless steel, or aluminum

3. Colors (Exterior coating):
High Quality Electroplating or Painting

4. Packaging specification: Sizes of packaging material, quantity of each bags/boxes/cartons, and labeling services.


Options: Colors & Materials

  • Customized Colors: Silver, Gold, Antique, Nickel Black, Gunmetal,... etc.
  • Special Requests: Nickel-free plating, Acid-resistant plating, …etc.
  • SGS Certificate Service

Exterior Painting

Option: Colors & Coverage Areas

  • Top layer (2nd layers): Customized any paint colors of your choices on top of 1st layer of plating.
  • Standard colors:  Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, …etc
  • Paint Coverage Areas: Full paint or only on top of the flange.


Customized, Flexible, & All In One Services

1. Basic packaging: Plastic bags, small boxes, and cartons.

2. Custom design for your own packaging. You can chose your own packaging material, methods, and sizes.

3. Labeling: Stickers, stamps, flyers, …etc.